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Dream Goods supplies hundreds of nonprofits with the goods they need to sustain their mission. food, Clothing, appliances, office supplies and more. We serve, about 20 thousand people, every week in a variety of programs, some live in programs that are all offered with no charge. When you donate, whether it’s direct monetary help, or in-kind inventory donations from your company or partner organization, you can be assured there is absolutely no waste and we are putting these goods to the best use based on need. We want to reach out with real healing and tangible help so that together we can solve the toughest problems and heal communities from the ground up. 

There is a growing problem in Phoenix, throughout the city homelessness and poverty are becoming an epidemic. the city has miles of canals, these canals have turned into makeshift housing for people that have slipped through the cracks. A major component of the Dream Goods model is the work program. Our staff is composed of people getting their life back together, they are houses trained and taught for free, while providing a service to themselves, and to the community. Every week we go into the canals with all kinds of donations, passing out semi trucks of drinks and goods that save lives. We also offer hope, these guys, and girls can start a new life at no cost to themselves by entering the program that is serving them. 

Phoenix AZ Donations

Dream Goods provides everything from Diapers and clothing to pet care for fosters. We are trying to do, and support others in doing, the most good, in every place possible. If you have a donation or are in need of donations please don’t hesitate to do a contact form so we can connect. We love to partner with like minded companies, people, and organizations.

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Phoenix Arizona Donations
Phoenix Arizona Donations

An Organization You Can Trust

Dream Goods makes sure 100 percent of your donation goes where it’s most needed. We leverage our network of vetted nonprofits to ensure there is absolutely no waste in your giving.

Dream Goods helps companies resolve the challenge of responsibly distributing excess goods for maximum impact.


Dream Goods helps companies resolve the challenge of responsibly distributing excess goods for maximum impact.

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